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ReadWrite Arabic 1.3

ReadWrite Arabic is a very useful program for learning classic Arabic
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ReadWrite Arabic is a very useful program for learning classic Arabic. The application is divided into 15 lessons. Each lesson has five parts: Letters, Writing, Reading, Listening, and Multichoice. We can learn the Arabic language at our own pace. There is no hassle, no timer, and we can even select which letters we prefer to learn first. The alphabet is displayed on the right side of the program interface, so we can just pick the letter we like best and go. We need to have a microphone to record our pronunciation and compare it with the one produced by the native speaker, and a mouse to navigate through the program and practice writing.

After the main window is displayed, we can immediately start learning how to write the first letter ('baa') on its own, or in the initial, medial, and final positions. Next, we select this letter combined with one of the three Arabic vowels. We can view how it is written, read the information, and listen to its pronunciation. We can practice writing the letter with all its possible vowel combinations and positions. It is also possible to listen and repeat it using the microphone, listen and select the correct letter and vowel combination from the keyboard available, show auto progress, read the instructions, and change options. We can evaluate the first three lessons free of charge by downloading the trial version. There are other languages available ready to be learned.

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  • Free Updates
  • Free evaluation version
  • Inexpensive and very good program
  • Easy to use


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